Why Timealy?

The era of a new sustainable society is coming. Timealy raises awareness of the new challenges by contributing to:

Healthy food

Eating Healthily

Offering a variety of healthy food from local restaurants and grocery stores

Eating Healthily - eating fast food because of a busy lifestyle does not necessarily mean to eat junk food; healthy and fresh food can also be the new “fast food”.

Rescuing Food

Rescuing Food

Connecting food buyers and sellers to ensure more access to prepared food with less to waste

Rescuing Food - with restaurants and grocery stores reaching more customers, eventually selling more food with less to waste.

Fighting Hunger

Fighting Hunger

Building a compassionate society
by donating to charity

Fighting Hunger - a meal ordered with Timealy means another meal is donated to charity for people struggling with hunger.


Timealy for Restaurants

Partner with Timealy to optimise the incoming flow of customers and promote your food specialities through a new channel. Your delicious meals shouldn't be wasted, we take care of that!

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