Why Timealy?

Your local restaurants, delis, butchers, grocery stores and cafes across the UK are just a tap away! Timealy is the best food order marketplace for high-end local eateries - all those that you can't find on existing apps. Combined with unrivalled financial and environmental sustainability!

Healthy food

Quality and Value

No delivery network to support means better value and better quality for providers and consumers.
No negative brand association with being listed next to a lower quality fast food restaurant, but instead being part of a local food provider marketplace on a digital platform for yto see the latest menus and offers.

Rescuing Food

Real Time Click-and-Collect

Total flexibility in real-time allows the provider to showcase current menus or items, specials and deals and hence match demand to supply. It also means consumers get a much wider variety of foods and prices than can be delivered via any existing platform.

Fighting Hunger

Eliminating Food Waste

The ability to offer everything that would otherwise go to waste in real-time eliminates food waste without forcing the consumer to buy food they cannot select themselves, while enhancing consumer value.


Timealy for Restaurants

Partner with Timealy to optimise the incoming flow of customers and promote your food specialities through a new channel. Your delicious meals shouldn't be wasted, we take care of that!

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